Washing hands, hand gel, mouth caps, and gloves. We are completely stuffed with them because of the coronavirus. Everyone has been taught to live hygienically or to inhibit the virus. People often only think about keeping their hands clean, but what is the point of washing your hands if you never clean the (common) workplace?

Once a week, everyone (hopefully) does a big clean to keep their office space orderly and clean. But how clean is our work if all we do is run a cloth over the desk?

We list the most important tips on how you can ensure…

Dorado is a revolutionary use of technology that has earned it a place as the next “Uber” on blockchain for all on-demand deliveries. Founded in 2014, it is a fast growing company although it owns no fleet and has raised over $4million in capital and over $50million in sales across 6 countries.

The clients on the Dorado platform so far is currently over 1 million with over 4 million in orders. In the past 3 years, it has grown exponentially by 6227% so any $100 invested 3 years ago would now be worth $6227. Dorado aims to help transform the…

A Review of Spectre.ai

If the stock market is the destination, brokers would like be the drivers who help you get there. Seems easy and straightforward right? Well it’s not always so. There are thousands of brokers that broker the stock market, and whenever a “layman” wants to trade on the stock market, they often need to employ the services of a broker.

Certain financial institutions like banks can serve as broker agents, they meet up with the client who essentially establishes the guidelines for the trade and the agents take it from there. …

All You Need To Know About BUZZcoin

BUZZcoin is an innovative non-profit blockchain project that looks to implement this technology into a real life situation which in this case is helping to save bees. The bee population in the world is declining and BUZZcoin is combining cryptocurrency with the passion to solve this.

It uses this technology to create worldwide data network that collects data on the health of beehives. With a diverse team of experts and professionals, this project is helping to develop a smart hive device prototype. This prototype will go into its field testing phase.

This is…

Cryptocurrency is a trending area right now, new, emerging and popular. A lot of people are interested in it or at the very least, curious about it with a only a fair few having the expertise in it. It also happens to be an interesting area that develops as fast as the traditional market as there are a lot of innovative ideas coming up on how to use cryptocurrency and connect it to every day needs of regular people alongside the high end and more technical needs.

There is of course also the financial trading aspect of it targeting profit…

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